Our Mission

Rochester Health Mart Pharmacy strives to exceed the individual needs of our patients through collectively adapting to changes in healthcare and innovations in the delivery of care.

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Our Vision:

Rochester Health Mart Pharmacy will forge a true coherent partnership with our patients in order to provide them with the tools necessary to successfully navigate and exceed their health care needs. We will:

• Care by placing a sincere priority on the needs of the patient.

• Evolve by proactively taking steps to overcome obstacles that stand in the way of true solutions to our patients’ health.

• Innovate by challenging the standard and promoting new solutions to the needs of a diverse and changing patient base.

Our Values:

GENUINE INTEGRITY: We continuously operate with sincere honesty and transparency.

RESPECTFUL CULTURE: We advance health equity to all patients through education, understanding, and respect.

SUSTAINED COMMITMENT: We relentlessly pursue our goals while honoring our values.

ATTENTIVE ENERGY: We are passionate about all levels of details.

COLLABORATIVE FRAMEWORK: We strive to incorporate all providers into one seamless solution to our patients’ needs.

Meet Our Staff

Brandon Royek

Director of Pharmacy

Harrison Young

Project Manager

Eric Davis


Patrick Davis


Briana Lotito

Lead Technician